Type alias Options

Options: {
    captureCanvasScale?: number;
    isCapturing?: boolean;
    isCapturingGameCanvasOnly?: boolean;
    isDrawingParticleFront?: boolean;
    isDrawingScoreFront?: boolean;
    isPlayingBgm?: boolean;
    isReplayEnabled?: boolean;
    isShowingScore?: boolean;
    isSoundEnabled?: boolean;
    seed?: number;
    theme?: ThemeName;
    viewSize?: {
        x: number;
        y: number;

Game setting options.

Type declaration

  • Optional captureCanvasScale?: number

    Additional setting for isCapturingGameCanvasOnly, set the scale of the output file, default: 1.

  • Optional isCapturing?: boolean

    Capture a screen by pressing 'c' key.

  • Optional isCapturingGameCanvasOnly?: boolean

    Additional setting for isCapturing, will omit the margins on two sides when enabled.

  • Optional isDrawingParticleFront?: boolean

    Display particles on the front of of the screen.

  • Optional isDrawingScoreFront?: boolean

    Display added score points on the front of the screen.

  • Optional isPlayingBgm?: boolean

    Play BGM.

  • Optional isReplayEnabled?: boolean

    Enable replay of the previous game on the title screen.

  • Optional isShowingScore?: boolean

    Show a score and a hi-score, default: true.

  • Optional isSoundEnabled?: boolean

    Enable BGM and sound effects, default: true.

  • Optional seed?: number

    Random number seed for BGM and sound effects generation.

  • Optional theme?: ThemeName

    Appearance theme of the game.

  • Optional viewSize?: {
        x: number;
        y: number;

    Screen size of the game, default: {x: 100, y: 100}.

    • x: number
    • y: number

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