Creating Your Own Game Development Tools

One way to make game creation more enjoyable is by developing your own tools to simplify and accelerate the process. Here, "tools" refers to game-oriented libraries, pixel art drawing tools, music composition tools, and so on. With enough enthusiasm, developers can create a wide variety of fundamental game development tools, including fantasy consoles, game engines, or even programming languages.

Despite the plethora of existing tools, what is the point of creating your own? One reason is to obtain tools that are highly familiar and whose inner workings you fully understand. Since you created them, naturally you know exactly how to handle them to get the desired results. Additionally, you have the freedom to add features you like. The design of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and User Interfaces (UIs) can be tailored to your preferences, contributing to a comfortable development environment.

Furthermore, the tool creation process itself brings joy. Unlike game development, where the end form is explored while creating, these tools have a relatively clear purpose, making them a good diversion during game creation. It's rewarding to see the features you need gradually expanding.

The issue arises when the process becomes overly enjoyable. A common saying among game developers encapsulates this issue: "Don't build a game engine, build a game." This serves as a caution against getting engrossed in creating peripheral tools, consequently neglecting the game itself, which remains unfinished.

By maintaining a proper balance, tool creation can introduce a new layer of enjoyment to game development.

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